Strongest in Lithuania

JSC Transvora is one of the 6% of all Lithuanian companies with very high credit rating and stands the criteria for "Strongest in Lithuania" certification.

"Strongest in Lithuania" is a certificate which confirms that the company is reliable, timely fulfills and most likely will fulfill their financial obligations.

The situation in the market. During the recession confidence of business partners have dropped in severe. Companies are trying more carefully evaluate existing or potential partners, trademarks and service providers. This certificate can reduce uncertainty on business partner.  Certified company can easily show that they are financially strong and can fulfill its financial commitments on time.

Such a certification is used for a long time in foreign countries. For example, in Finland, a certificate proving the reliability of the company is being used by up to 7 thousand companies. It is more than 10% of all operating companies.

How are the strongest evaluated? The most important evaluation criteria with the "Strongest in Lithuania" certification is a high credit rating, which indicates a low statistical possibility to overdue its financial obligations for 90 days or more during the upcoming 12 months.  A company is granted with a certificate if delay in payments does not exceed 17% probability.